Handi Shim

Mille-Ties are an innovative, versatile, environmentally sound, labor-saving, and cost-effective replacement for the traditional nylon cable tie. Mille-Ties are stretchable and thus do not constrict data flow, don’t cut into the insulation protecting cables or into the stems and bark of tender plants, and don’t leave sharp cut-off tips hazardous to people, animals, and other component parts. Mille-Tie strips can be cut into as many five cable ties and thus save money and eliminate environmental waste. They are releasable and thus reusable over and over.

Handi Shim

Compared to wooden wedges, flat-base plastic Handi-Shims form a secure base with only one shim, cost approximately 20% less than the average wood shim, resist compression, and will not rot. They can be reused, serve as a precision spacer and scribe, be easily cut into smaller units for small-scale jobs, be readily secured using pre-drilled screw holes and are available in four color-coded thicknesses.


The Handi-Painters-Mate clips onto the handle of any paint can for a unique ergonomical hold. It provides maximum control for holding or pouring out paint while clearing your hand from your brush’s access to the paint. The Paint-Mate avoids the pain of strangling the finger holding the handle and also serves as a convenient paint can opener. The economical Paint-Mate has a steel spine for strength, a plastic grip for comfort, is reusable forever, and allows you to paint longer with greater comfort than any other paint-pail grip. Available soon!

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