WatMan, Inc. is a company of enthusiastic product developers dedicated to offering unique tools and components for home and commercial use. Every WatMan product is designed to:

  • Do a better job than any other product on the market
  • Make household chores easier or major construction work more productive
  • Save money, and, yes, even
  • Look cool and be fun to use

WatMan’s mission is to bring to market only products that meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:

  • Best in class – the proverbial better mousetrap
  • Filling an unmet need or solving a common problem
  • Uniquely differentiable from the competition
  • Immediately appealing in look and feel
  • Easy to understand, present, and use, and
  • A real value for the distributor, retailer, and end-user alike

The principals of WatMan have over 200 years of combined experience in the construction and tool industries. We think we have a pretty good handle on what makes a product not necessarily the cheapest but definitely the best. If we didn’t, we would be hard-pressed to offer a money-back guarantee of your satisfaction with every one of our products.

Our products are used in applications as diverse as cable management, carpentry, painting, datacom/telecom, tile spacing, transportation, horticulture, masonry, and countless uses around the house.

We invite you to contact us with any questions, but, more importantly, to benefit from products designed to make jobs less work.