Advantages Over Other Ties

All three styles of Mille-Tie are revolutionary improvements over any other tie on the market, offering benefits and advantages over any supposedly competitive product.

  • Up to 5 Ties per Strip: Mille-Ties are able to be cut into as many as five smaller, completely usable separate ties and thus are worth that many more times the value of a single-use tie.
  • Won’t Damage Insulation or Bark: Mille-Ties are flexible but strong, without the stiff edges that tighten and cut into the insulation protecting cables and wires and dig into the stems and bark of tender plants.
  • mille-tie
  • Won’t Constrict Data Flow: Mille-Ties are stretchable and thus do not constrict the flow of data the way hard nylon ties can.

  • mille-tie
  • Releasable and Reusable: Mille-Ties are easily releasable and thus reusable over and over.
  • mille-tie
  • Connectable for Any Length: Mille-Ties are connectable to each other and thus able to form a tie of theoretically unlimited length
  • Can Organize Related Bundles: Mille-Ties are able to form multiple loops with a single Mille-Tie and thus organize multiple bundles close together.
  • Mille-Tie
  • No Dangerous Cut-Off Ends: Mille-Ties are without any sharp cut-off tips potentially hazardous to other component parts, people and animals.
  • Almost No Waste: Mille-Ties are environmentally friendly as tails are reused as separate ties, eliminating the waste that deposits 80% of traditional nylon ties in landfills.
  • Mille-Tie

Mille-Ties’ Countless Applications

Mille-Ties are already used in industry, government, the military, and the home. In the United Kingdom, where Mille-Ties were invented, customers include major industrial leaders such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, the Royal Navy, and Bombardier, plus countless home and DIY users.

For many applications, Mille-Ties are the tie of the future:

  • Electronics: in commercial datacom/telecom applications to organize and bundle cables without constricting data flow or cutting into insulation as well as in offices and homes

  • Mille-Tie
  • Construction: to secure and organize power, telephony, security, PVC, entertainment, and computer lines
  • Transportation: in automobiles, boats, airplanes, trains, motorcycles, RV’s, and construction and farm equipment

  • Mille_tie
  • Horticulture: for holding bunches and supporting vines and other plants without cutting into stems or bark

  • Mille-tie
  • Theater and music productions
  • General hardware applications

Unique Features of the “Quickstrip” Style of Mille-Ties

  • Easiest to thread of all three styles
  • Easiest to release of all three styles
  • Available in the greatest number of colors

Unique Features of the “I-Grip Pro” Style of Mille-Ties

  • Intelligent Grip Technology that allows the tie to stretch
    and even “de-notch” to protect insulation and data flow when
    the tie is subject to expansion forces
  • Available UV tested

Unique Features of the “Heavy Duty” Style of Mille-Ties

  • 22 inches (560 mm) long instead of 12 inches (305mm)
  • 0.8 inches (20 mm) wide
  • 0.1 inches (2.0 mm) thick
  • Intelligent Grip Technology that allows the tie to stretch and
    even “de-notch” to protect insulation and data flow when the
    tie is subject to expansion forces

How Mille-Ties Work

Test Results for Bandwidth Performance



Mille-Tie® and QuickStrip® are registered trademarks of Millepede® International Ltd.

US patent # 5,799,376